June 27, 2009

Joyce Meyer: False Teacher, Wolf, and possible Luciferian


Joyce Meyer's 5/31/2010 broadcast of "Enjoying Everyday Life" has exposed her further, and this time I have tangible PROOF of what she has said:

"We're never going to mature and develop godly character until we learn to live with the all-seeing eye on us all the time. "

Maybe you didn't believe me when I first blogged about what I heard her say. Well, this latest proof eliminates that doubt!

Here is a link to the transcript of the broadcast. Her all-seeing eye comment occurs at 9:54 on there. (Which actually differs from the time on the video I found of the same broadcast.

Here is a link to Joyce Meyer's main video broadcast page. You'll have to scroll over to the 5/31/2010 broadcast. The comment occurs at approximately 20:27 of the video. I'm not sure how long her "ministry" (heh heh) will keep this broadcast on the site, so I actually took the liberty to record the audio onto my own computer.

If you're short on time, or the original links to this Satanic wolf's quote are gone, here's the link I made of the audio.

Special thanks to "Anna," who left me a comment with the transcript link today about this broadcast. I wouldn't have known otherwise!


I know what you're thinking. You thought my last blog entry was controversial! Well, I've been putting off something I've needed to share for months now. Joyce Meyer is a total wolf in sheep's clothing, and should be avoided like the plague. I have absolutely no problem saying that. I will give you first hand proof of this, and then you'll be held accountable if you decide to watch her or listen to her, or support her "ministry."

Before I give my personal proof, I'll begin by pointing out the very obvious. The Bible calls Joyce Meyer out from the start.

1 Timothy 2:
[12] But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
[13] For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
[14] And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Read that a few times, soak it in. Now I'm not against women or anything of the sort, but this passage has been largely ignored in this country. People look for reasons to shoot it down. "Oh Paul was talking about that specific church at the time!" I always ask "then why is it in God's eternal Word, if it applies to one little assembly?" The phrase "usurp authority" is key here. The man is the spiritual leader of a household, a family, a congregation. It's akin to the analogy of marriage in the New Testament. The man is to love his wife as Jesus loves His Bride. How's that for a standard set?

Ephesians 5:
[22] Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
[23] For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
[24] Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

From Ephesians we see a clear example that man is the head of the household, and the wife is to submit to them. I'm not saying the man has grounds to be a tyrant or anything of the sort, he is to love his wife like Jesus loves His own! So what am I getting at here? The man is also the spiritual head of a family unit, and he leads the wife and family in all things Christ. The wife does not "usurp authority" over the man, from the verses listed above. This same thing applies to Joyce Meyer. What is she doing when she so arrogantly walks about on stage? She's teaching (false doctrine and evil, I may add) to both women
and men! Usurping man's authority over the Body of Christ.

So with that said, Joyce Meyer shouldn't even be standing up on a stage, preaching the self-centered "Enjoying Everyday Life" gospel to the masses. However, she still is, and I must drop this bombshell on you to (hopefully) open your eyes.

I guess I like getting myself aggravated in the mornings. Earlier this year I developed a little habit of turning Joyce Meyer's program on before work here and there. Maybe I did it to get riled up enough to wake up for work, I don't know. Anyway, one morning I'm eating my cereal, disgusted at her prancing around arrogantly and getting the massive applause of the audience, and she spits this out, and I quote:

"We have to have the revelation that we are living under the All-Seeing Eye."

My jaw almost hit the floor as she paused for dramatic effect. The crowd roared after she said it, which added to my shock and despair. I immediately ran from the living room to my bedroom to jot down exactly what she said, word for word. It was so astounding that I never even had to refer back to my notes to explain this to people.

Do you understand what she said? Do you know who/what the All-Seeing Eye is? It's the same eye that's on the back of every dollar bill in America. It represents the
eye of Lucifer, also known as the eye of Horus and eye of Osiris. A masonic, purely evil symbol referring to the destroyer that Jesus Christ threw out of heaven for rebelling against God. There are many, many links on the internet about this symbol, and if you pay attention you can see many corporate logos and album covers displaying variations of these, too. In an attempt to fully convince you just how evil this quote from Joyce Meyer is, I will provide you with more information.

Jesus-is-Savior.com - this is an excellent link that provides great insight into all of what I'm talking about here. It goes above and beyond this topic, but it is priceless information!

ancientegyptonline.co.uk - this website shows you the connection of the all-seeing eye to the ancient Egyptian religions. Ancient Egypt's religion never really left, it's just hidden in things like Freemasonry, and believe it or not, Catholicism.

All in all, the All-Seeing Eye is a representation of Satan himself. Joyce Meyer chose this term quite obviously. She was
NOT referring to the God of Israel. I had mentioned this quote in a Christian chat, and people either got extremely mad, told me to "get saved," or made excuses for her. Someone said that it's simply another name for God. Wrong! Show me where the phrase "all-seeing eye" is EVER used to address the Lord! I shudder to even think about that. It is nowhere in the Bible, and Joyce Meyer knows it. I believe she has an allegiance to Satan. No Christian would ever think about using that phrase. No Christian would even know of it unless they researched ancient Egyptian religion, freemasonry, or the secrets on our dollar bill!

Please, I ask you to read this with an open mind, hear what I'm saying, and examine it. Research. Pray. Ask God about it. Why would a supposed Christian refer to our Lord with a phrase that all masons and most satanists/luciferians know to be related to Lucifer? It makes zero sense.

There is more information out there on the internet further showing how Joyce Meyer is a phony. I'll leave it up to you to do the research. I will say though, very strongly, that
Joyce Meyer is a false teacher and a wolf. She should be avoided like the plague, and I hope you share this message with any Christian that thinks she is ok!

Here are a few pictures showing the All-Seeing Eye's influence in our culture:

This is a masonic ring, depicting their usual logo, except the "G" in the middle is removed, and the All-Seeing Eye (which in this case is a variation of the eye of Horus, same thing) is displayed.

The devil's hands have reached the entertainment industry as well. Here we see a "Hellboy" comic with the title, and a little eye picture transposed on top of Hellboy.

Does Madonna lead a Christ-led life? I don't think so, Tim. Her unabashed sexuality and open
practice of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism/magic) tell us otherwise. Here we see her sporting the All -Seeing Eye on her jacket, same style as on our money. Still think this term represents the One true God?

Are you seeing a "coincidence" yet? Here's a few pictures I took off of my own TV, that I blogged about here:

And finally, to drive this home, I'll give you examples from the music world.

Steve Vai - Passion and Warfare

The All-Seeing Eye is right above Steve.

Shadows Fall - Retribution

You have to look carefully, but the eye is dead-center, right above the band name.

Dream Theater - Black Clouds and Silver Linings

We see the eye on the bottom left, propped up against a stand.

Dream Theater - A Rite of Passage

The first single for the album above. I posted this cover because it clearly displays the connection with masonry, and the song title refers to masonic rites.

Jay-Z, who also calls himself J-HOVAH, making the All-Seeing Eye symbol with his hands and left eye. The left eye is always the one depicted in the logo itself.

Pearl Jam - No Code

This one hit hard for me. I grew up listening to these guys, but I never opened this booklet all the way, exposing the huge eye inside the pyramid. It may be hard to see, but the eye is dead center amongst all the pictures. Clever, huh. No code? I don't think so.

Michael Jackson - Dangerous

Fitting to end this blog entry with a Michael Jackson reference. Check out the eye on the bottom right.

You've read the quote from Joyce Meyer, you've seen what the term "All-Seeing Eye" means, and you've seen pictures of this eye with ungodly associations. So now it's up to you to decide, is Joyce Meyer a false teacher and a wolf? I certainly think so!


Miss Charlene said...

Wow, this is an amazing post! Joyce Meyers is so popular and we need to watch out for all the popular "prophets" including Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, etc. I learn so much from you, thanks for revealing it to us! We shouldn't take things like this too lightly.

LivingforGod said...

Thanks for sharing this. We have known about Joyce Meyer being a false teacher for years now. She is one of those Word of Faith teachers who believe that words have power to create realities and faith is a force that makes things happen. I recommend Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff. This book exposes many false teachers, based on years of thorough research. It is a tragedy that many Christians nowadays lack discernment because they do not daily/diligently read, study, & memorize God's Word and do not compare what they learn/hear to the Scriptures like the Bereans. We told a close relative about Joel Osteen and she refused to believe that he's a false teacher and was upset at us. Another sister in Christ also defended Joel Osteen and got upset at me when I shared that he's a false teacher on a Christian forum. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit will open these deceived people's eyes to see the truth.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Oh wow!!! I did not know that about her! My dad is such a big fan of hers! I can't wait to tell him this!

Tranquillity said...

Glad I can help, Mrs. Bridget G. and LivingforGod! Spread the word!

Still Learning said...

I would ask that you study more on women preaching. All through the Bible truths are woven over and over. They are restated many times what God commands us to do. Only one place do we find Paul saying women should sit down and be quiet and not teach. If this were to apply to all then he would have written it to all the churches and we would have seen it repeated. At that time Paul also says for slaves to stay slaves and be obedient to their masters as that was just how things were at that time. In no way can we now say also that God condones slavery. Paul also says it is a disgrace for a woman to pray with her head uncovered. That was how it was at that time. I truly believe that we need to understand the entire context of God's word and understanding who the letters of Paul were written to and study the history behind those places.
I would just like to point out a female judge in the old testament named Deborah. She was the judge of Israel and she was a woman. She was above man in that position and she was God appointed. I'm not trying to argue with you, truly I am not. Many times throughout my life as a Christian I believed something whole heartedly and then began a deep study and search to discover I did not have the entire picture. I am just asking that you pray about this and study hard on this issue.
So when people say that when Paul spoke that to that particular church or area then for me, I believe that because in no other letters does he state that to them. He also commends another woman for her role in the ministry at the end of one of his letters. Sorry, can't remember at the moment.
All I am saying is that to take a stance on something requires deep study to understand the context. Is it a God command? Is it a rebuke to a particular person or people? What does God say about it? What did Jesus say about it? Does what we are believing line up with God's character? Does any other part of the Bible back up what we are perceiving a scripture or passage to say? I ask myself these questions when I study something and write them down. It is a big help! Aquilla & Priscilla were active in the ministry and I don't think Priscilla whom Paul loved very much was doing the cooking and cleaning, lol.

Esther saved Israelites from slaughter. Another example that God can use anyone as long as they are willing to be used and submit to Him.

I just think it is so important to understand the times also. Slavery is not to be tolerated and yet Paul states more times than he did the whole woman statement for slaves to be obedient to their masters and stay where they are placed and live out the love of Jesus in their servitude and do it all unto God. I don't think for a second that God endorses slavery. Paul is trying not to get the people riled up... to not flaunt their new found Christian freedom in such a way that it inhibits the message of Jesus being proclaimed.

Well, this is long enough so I'll end here. I just ask that you study more on this topic and pray about it for God to reveal His true will on this subject and for Joyce Meyer whom I adore. And as for her all seeing eye thing you may indeed be correct but also she may just have mispoken as I know I have many times in the past worded things that were not my intention.

I don't like to disagree with people on their blogs. It's your blog, your opinion, that's the way it works right? But after some contemplation I decided to do so. I hope you are not angry with me. I think it is wonderful when people write about Jesus and teach and preach. Write on!!


Servant25 said...

To clarify things, Paul mentions Phoebe, who was at the time a leader of the church at Cenchreae. He also mentions Priscilla, Aquila, Mary, and Persis. These were women who served the Lord just as the men did. I think that what you say could be right, but I just wish you did it in a more, I guess, Christian way.Even God said to do unto others what you would have them do to you.
God is someone who we cannot completely comprehend or study in a lifetime (or lifetimes).Somewhere in the Bible, it is said that God does not pick favorites or sees anyone as more special than everyone else. My point here is that God doesn't say that women shouldn't serve Him aloud, nor does He say that only a man can fulfill parts of His will. Just think about it, if God said that someone shouldn't mislead His people, don't you think that He would've already taken them down if they tried? Is He not the God who tells the wind to blow, the seas to rise, the sparrow to fly, and the seeds to sprout? Was it not He that created the heavens and the earth and people?
I'll have to ask for forgiveness from you, my brother and sisters, for the thins I'm about to say (if it should offend you).
For LivingforGod, how could you lay judgment upon your brothers and sisters? I think that you did not look at the mirror before you spoke out with such absentmindedness, because you sound like someone who could conform to society. And if you aren't praise God, but just be careful of how you say things.But more importantly, why and how could you compare the rest of us to these Bereans?Do you know our lives? My sister in Christ, you say it, but have let the Spirit of God really open you eyes?
I'm in no position to say things like this, but we are equal; one under God. And God is the God of all things.You feel like you want to go against aomething or someone? Pray hard about it!Ask for God's guidance! Don't give them something no one will ever read; tell them about the Bible and its deeper meanings! I'm sure if it is right, He will not only back it, but give you victory.
I'm sorry if this looks like an attack, but it really isn't meant to. I've just seen one too many of my brothers and sisters in Christ hurt because of misunderstandings like this.

Don P said...

Now this is serrious, i would not want to speak about a servant of the Lord for God tells us not to touch His annoited, I join Sevant and the Peson before to say that you really need to be sure of what you are saying, I am sorry to say this but what you are saying is so shallow.
In my culture we also have the one wih a big eye who sees everying and is watching over us, Are you trying to tell me that we are worshiping the Devil?????
Pick what you want o pick from her and leave what is not right.
We Africans have a saying that unless we have seen with our eyes we can't believe. If you have seen he worship the devil then speak.

Oh by the way for starters if i remember well,she always mentions that her husband is the head of the house and if he tells her not to stay she wil obey.
And oreect me i think at one point it was Dave(Joyce's husband)who was the CEO, Head of the ministry.
My freind watch it you may be salin for going againt Gods Annoited servant. Be careful

Tranquillity said...

Thanks for your comment Don P. Yes, this is serious, it is not shallow. I would not have written this if I wasn't sure.

Abner said...

I was an avid reader of Joyce's books until I read this about her. She does have good points as far as motivational speaking. It is shocking to me that she is associated with darkness. These ppl pretending to be Christians while they are in fact not just to make the Dollar makes me sick to my stomach, thanks for the eye opener and God bless yu. Yu are doing a good job keep it up.

Abner said...

I was an avid reader of Joyce's books until I read this about her. She does have good points as far as motivational speaking. It is shocking to me that she is associated with darkness. These ppl pretending to be Christians while they are in fact not just to make the Dollar makes me sick to my stomach, thanks for the eye opener and God bless yu. Yu are doing a good job keep it up.

Mayfairgirl said...

I was watching Joyce Meyer and noticed the background:


I thought there was something strange and looked up "Joyce Meyer Freemason" and found this site.

Also, if you watch the beginning the company producing the video has a magnifying glass "watching you" as it's symbol!!

Junjun said...

First of all, I'm glad to see that if anything evil stands in the middle of our way to God, we will all work together to remove it. But I just want to hear it from all of you, does the phrase "these people call pretending to be Christians" sound right? I agree with Still Learning that this is a blog, where you can express your opinions freely, so I have no right to tell you to take this down. But I will say this: I know that if I were a preacher, I would want to spread the Gospel as far and as wide as I can. I disagree with preachers calling themselves prophets or "special ones" of God. And I don't know if Joyce Meyer is really what you say she is. But I do know this, the devil, as you may have already known through your post, can use or trick the servants of the Lord, whether indirectly or directly. That is why you pray, to call on God for His love and grace. I hope that this is what you did, because if you have given in to the tricks of the devil to stone a chosen servant of the Lord,you will reap what you sow. I do not intend to threaten anyone or dismiss anyone's opinion. But think of this: if the devil were to preach against his own house, how else would that house remain up? Look this up in the Bible. If a family were to get at each others' throats, how would that family still remain together under God? I am on no one's side but God's. and I will also say do not be so quick to judge what is shown to you.
May God continue to bless all of you, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

AuntieMamie said...

Sir, I want to thank you for posting this in your blog, and for caring enough about Christians the world over to warn them about this Jezebel who is leading millions astray with her devilish doctrines. Thank you so much for having the inner fortitude to stand behind what you type. We as Christians need to be aware of this false teaching, and to shout it aloud from the housetops. As some of the others have pointed out, Joyce Meyer ranks with Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland, Jesse DuPlantis, Benny Hinn, and many others who do not follow the Holy One, Jesus, but follow the almighty dollar. Many Christians do not know the Bible well enough to know that what these people are teaching is heresy and lies. That's a shocking statement and will probably make some people very angry, but it is the truth. Jesus warns us to beware of false teachers, and those who pervert the Word of God (Matt. 7:15-23 & Jeremiah 23:36).I didn't know the extent of Ms. Meyers' false teaching until I found this blog, but I am not surprised that she has revealed herself to be in allegiance to satan. If we only knew how many others actually are, it would be devastating to many. The occult is in every area of our world, and steadily encroaching on our faith. I would like to post a link here to another very good and informative site that reveals a great amount of information on things such as the all-seeing eye, isis, the masons and many more. This site reveals just how prevalent the occult things are in our everyday world, and more so every day. Of course feel free to remove it if you feel it's in conflict with what is written in your blog. Here is the link: http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Wicca%20&%20Witchcraft/signs_of_satan.htm
Once again, thank you for this post! I pray it will open many eyes before it's too late.

Anna said...

Here's one more example of the "all-seeing eye" from Joyce Meyer: in "Be Imitator of God" May 31, 2010 (on 00:09:54) http://www.livedash.com/transcript/joyce_meyer__enjoying_everyday_life/61/DSCP/Monday_May_31_2010/224564/

Tranquillity said...

Wow, thanks so much...finally there's written proof of what she said over a year ago. I had searched for the transcript that I had heard, but wasn't successful. Awesome, spread the word!

nelinden said...

@Still Learning...

Let's remember that Deborah was a judge, and not a rabbi for the Hebrews. Deborah was not told to go into the Holy of Holies, and she was not part of the Temple rituals. Easter was not in the church either.

No one woman in the entire Bible was commanded to lead men in Bible/OT study. Women are easily deceived and that is what got all of us in trouble to begin with. Women also have tremendous influence over men, and if they have some sort of deception in their teaching, well there goes the whole thing, and we have spawn a whole new sect of religion like "Christian Scientist". Hello! Mary Baker Eddy!

If you think about it, women already get to influence 2/3 of the population. Women are permitted to teach children (male and female) and other women. Now, why with that much influence of teaching children and women, why would women want more? When women teach men, they take the place of men. Men need to be our leaders, they have something to offer the world that women do not have. Women need to stand aside, even if they think they no more then men, and submit and allow the men to lead out of respect for God HImself:

"Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church." I Corinthians 14:34-35

This is hard for many women, as this is part of the curse mentioned in Genesis. Joyce Myers presents a skewed gospel that does not truly represent the intent of the scriptures. Her focus is on "personal victory" and as long as Christians follow her teaching and focus their lives on "personal victory" they will never find the true message of sacrifice and suffering for sharing the Gospel. Her teachings misguide women and men into a "self-serving" Christian life where Christ is a servant of the needs, wants and wishes of the child of God. This kind of Christianity "tickles" the ears and she has many followers that are completely "stunted" in real authentic growth, where they are unwilling to listen to anyone else of true substance.

Followers of Myers, are brainwashed into thinking that they have to have "personal victory" or something is wrong with them. This in turn causes a introspection that Christ was not all out!. My answer to this idea is "Hello" the victory is already done, we should simply be following The Great Commission and share the message of Christ and letting life happen as it may.

God knows our needs and God will take care. We don't need to give make God our laundry list keeper. God is not a genie for us. I am afraid that Myers continually teaches a single dimension to Christian life that is totally distorted, and keeps her followers "small" it is a sad day for her husband, I bet.

Tarrah08 said...

I, once again, must respectfully disagree. I read your comment and indeed I believe men are to "lead" I disagree with females running for public office or taking these types of leadership roles. However, I don't recall one place where Jesus states in the bible such harsh commands for a woman to be quiet. Can you provide me with such a passage? Also, as someone who has followed Joyce Meyer, as well as others, I view your statements about what she "teaches" as incorrect. Once again, she teaches complete submission to God, that the only one true way to salvation in through Jesus Christ our redeemer, and the only personal victory she speaks of is through our own submission to God's will which is described in the Holy Bible. I have never heard her state anything but total submission and that anyone who says they have any personal power isn't in agreement with God, for we are nothing without him. We are told repeatedly in the Bible we are to be watchful of our "own" minds, why do you think we are told repeatedly not to "watch" and spend our time "judging" others...we are not keeping watch on ourselves, we are not saturating our minds in The Word.

bkabse said...

Thank you, you have no idea what this means to me... way too much to write! May God bless you greatly for sharing His truth!

דודשמש יםךא ךםהד עםג said...

Joyce Meyer is indeed a false prophet. I heard her say that God told her something which I knew to be in direct contradiction to God's Word.
She follows her own imagination.
Sad that so many are deceived.
The danger is in her wealth at others expense this is dangerous for her to use money for God to enrich herself and her family and say God did it.

דודשמש יםךא ךםהד עםג said...

I wrote a blog on Joyce Meyer about her saying God told her something when in fact he did not. I heard her say it myself tho I would have to search for the video. But I will not look for it. I heard her say it and if anyone tries to disprove this let them search for the video themselves. I ask you not to post this comment but if you Google bloggerfornow you can find my blog on word press where this blog is about Meyer. She said something that is an outright lie. I had to write the blog to prove by the Bible it is her imagination and not God that moved her to say what she did.

David said...

1 question Does GOD change with the times? concerning slavery women preachers,prostitution,sexual immorality,is GOD's words null invoid, because of what you think in your own minds because these are not the days of old. So it must be that people of this generation is trying to mold GOD into a new Generation of a GOD this geration is truly wicked.

LovelyMulatto said...

I find it interesting the number of people who are defending this false prophetess. Paul also said that the Minsiters of Satan would be transformed into the Ministers of Righteousness, so of course they say the right things at some point and SEEM convincing.

However, don't forget that Jesus also said that a tree is known by the fruit it bears. On The Day of Pentecost, The Disciples sold their possessions "under the anointing" and met the needs of the poor who were present. If a preacher is rich and has poor(some even homeless) church members, and they NEVER assist the poor & needy like JESUS told them to, that's not a TRUE PREACHER! Hate to break your hearts, but please OPEN YOUR EYES!!! JM IS NOT FOR REAL!!!

Mrs. Arpino said...

I find it interesting that although the above mentioned things are things that I never sought to learn about, I've always been repulsed by them with passion. Can't stand the mention of them. does no one recognize that she is living in continual sin by going directly against 1Tim 2:12,13. That is enough to enact God's other teaching, Matt 18:15-17. I understand that she claims that her old church did this and subsequently that's why she started her own church. From there we true followers of the God of the Bible can simply follow through on His word where he taught us what to do next:1 Cor 5:9-13. No one needs to refute me, only go to Gods word for yourself and see what HE says.

truthseeker said...

Dear brother in Christ,
I totally agree. Jesus said 'the world is put in the evil'. freemasonry have been given their full power by God,to fulfill His perfect plan. There is also the power of the Islamic doctrine, aiming at controlling the whole world in the future, killing everyone who will refuse to convert to islam! I thank God because He is in full control." our Lord, you are King! Majesty and power are your royal robes..." ps 93.
At least Joyce Myer is mentioning the word of God sometimes and points to salvation through Christ Jesus.
God save people in very simple ways. He is fixing every things.


Randy said...

I cannot agree with this calling of Joyce Meyer a false prophet.
When I was struggling I found guidance and support thru Joyce and other TV ministries.
Are you going to tell me that Satan allowed these ministries to bring me closer to God and my relationship with Christ?
Seems that God has no problem overcoming those false prophets then when someone who is seeking God is truly seeking.
I hear pastors in local churches that I have more issue with that many I hear on TV.
I say take the plank out your own eye before you rant against spec in hers. I agree this All Seeing Eye has a bad connotation for those who are aware of it. But as the writer admits many are not aware of it.

Sojourner to 10-Israel said...

Mar 10:21 Yeshua, looking at him, felt love for him and said to him, "You're missing one thing. Go, sell whatever you own, give to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven. Then come, follow me!"

I bet Joyce Meyers will not preach about this verse.

Marlene said...

(I'm spanish speaker so please excuse my english). I felt in my spirit that something should not go well with the teachings of the super famous preacher Joyce Meyer. In her books she always adds a transcript and accommodates additional verses from the Bible so that it does not allow the Holy Spirit will teach you the truth of the Word, but she intended to teach the truth in her way. She even set texts supposedly the Holy Spirit has told her to teach others. Furthermore, their teaching is always the power to use and say the word to transform your reality. She insists on the issue of raising self-esteem, and she also looks a little pride in her appearance, always looks very nice clothes and well dressed. It bothers me a bit that always wear short hair and even seems you do surgery on the face. But the main thing and that it is strange that a woman's teaches the Word of God to men and women, then she transgresses the principle of spiritual authority that God has established a well-defined hierarchy: God-> Christ-> man -> woman. We must be careful of those who have more fame, is most likely to be false prophets, because they say nice things that we want to hear ... and we must search the Scriptures, and seek to be taught by the Holy Spirit.

Kree said...

it is by faith in the word of God that we believe.however as i have seen with some of the believers around me,if we are not careful we might find ourselves living in deception and yet all the while believing that we are still in the Lords camp.i will not say that i agree or disagree with what has been said.all i will say however is that by their fruits we do know them.

in the first place as for Joyce,all i can say is that when i listen to her teachings they are qualified by he Bible and also if any of you has ever heard real"wolves in sheep's clothing" you will notice that they are like that all the time not once every twenty years. (by the way she is a TEACHER not a PREACHER and if anyone HAS A PROBLEM with women teaching then all the women teaching in schools should be fired.the Bible never said women cant teach infact it has used stories of women to teach us women today about being christian women).

secondly, for anyone who has read the blog you will notice the pure contempt and slander that the writer has when writing this blog.the blog as written is not written as a warning but in a bid to slander and shows thorough contempt for not only Joyce the TEACHER but women in any sort of leadership.and yes he has tried to say that he has no bias toward women and that they should be loved by their husbands, but he also shows that the woman is to be a follower to the man,a loyal puppy that has no right to talk at all.i urge you to listen to the tone of his writing and read in between the lines.there is no love in it but a lot of contempt and spite.He isn't showing any goodness or kindness,or gentleness.

if you really search the Holy Spirit of God and you are convinced that the blogger is right the to God be the glory.but I'll repeat again "BY THEIR FRUITS WE SHALL KNOW THEM". also "WOMEN ARE ALLOWED TO TEACH" and Joyce is a teacher not a preacher, big difference.
Be blessed all

issieb said...

I used to listen to Joyce Meyer a lot in the 90s and thought she was 'amazing' and a true messenger of Christ. However, since researching the illuminati and discovering time and again televangelists and their alter egos and the millions of dollars they manage to leech out of people makes you realise that they literally are of the devil, there is no other explanation for it. Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, swaggart, the list goes on and on and on, you should repent, give your money to the starving and praise God not satan!! May God bless you all.
ps I was brought up in the assemblies of god church and that place is also heading for the new world order and is satanic without a doubt! Keep away from it!

hoz said...

I'm sorry for laughing a bit at this post....the fact that you actually sat down before work to "catch" Joyce M in saying something incorrect with YOUR view and interpretation with the bible and your faith says more about you than of her. Who are you to call and judge her a false prophetess. This reminds me of the time the disciples went back to Jesus and rattled on one who wasn't one of Jesus' "gang" but was still preaching and casting out demons in his name and Jesus tells them to chill out, if they are not against us they are with us. As far as I'm concerned Joyce Meyer preach nothing else than total submission to God and she has personally blessed me SO much with her preaching that I know in my spirit what she stands for because the Holy Ghost dwell in me and give me peace regarding her teaching. As the all seeing eye thing, I am well informed regarding the illuminati and Freemason luciferians controlling the entertainment industry, politics ect. Satan is trying to replicate God and in the end it is only God who is all seeing! So I fully agree with her, we must submit to the all seeing eye of God as I'm sure was what her listeners got from it. Or are you saying that the ppl hearing her say this got some sort of "boboo spell" cast on them and went home and sacrificed a goat to satan?....I think instead of regarding yourself so highly and "saving" us all from every successfull Christian preacher who is richly blessed by God, perhaps you should spend some time with building your own relationship with God? Judging is up to God friend, even if Joyce M was a false prophet and God is still using her for his good work and blessing ppl then what's it to you. Getting really sick and tired of petty minded fanatic Christians who judge the minute they see a successful and rich Christian doing good..."she is rich, popular and a woman?! Jezebel, she is of the devil because certainly Christians are not supposed to be anny of this".

jennifer renfro said...

Look at the Joyce Mayer's.greater things cinfrance pics the signs are upside down pyramids and the letter at the too of the pyramid is an E

Dreaming Sahara said...

Excuse me but the bible says in 1. John. 4:2 "This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God". Joyce Meyer acknowledges that Jesus Christ is from God, so the Holy Spirit is in her. Also Mark 3:23-24 "How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand." Joyce Meyer has driven out devils so that should not be possible if she would worship the satan. She does a lot of good things and always gives credit to God. Why would satan, who is evil, ever do that? When I was a new believer Joyce encouraged me and also made me feel good. I've learned many things from her that are in the bible. I think you have been blinded by your own believes. No offense. God bless you sister. I hope you find the way.

dlaviole44 said...

Seriously, listen to this broadcast from JOYCE MEYER. YOU will have NO DOUBTS that she loves GOD and is HIS faithfull servant. I love her!

ps.. I searched this blog post for the author's name...too bad he/she isn't willing to be accountable for all is being discussed here. A HUGE waste of time if you ask me.

dlavio, a proud believer in Christ and Joyce his faithful servant!

jecspm04 said...

If you believe she can reference the All Seeing Eye as God, and not be a luciferian you are gravely mistaken. She teaches to repeat phrases, to Bless God to force him to bless you. That you can create with your words. these are all occult ideas, ideas that are spawned from Lucifer himself to lead the world astray. And to the ones saying she helped you, do you not understand the battle you fight, not against flesh and blood, but the spiritual world, the followers of the advisory. so she lead 5 out of 100 to truth, she still deceives 95.
I know someone that compares these people to rat poison. Rat poison is 99.9% good nutrition (what they teach is 99.9% truth), but it is that 0.1% that will kill you. Even Satan knows that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ, just because someone knows the bible and how it applies does not mean they cannot use that knowledge and wrap false teaching into it to get you to contact the familiar spirit rather than the Holy Spirit.

hoz said...

jecspm, you stand infront of God someday and tell him how you judged other ppl here on earth.

God be asking you what did YOU do for my kingdom?
Locked up in a tasteless church mentality going round and round and round and never really helped no one because druggies are unclean, prostitutes r going to hell, someone smoking weed at church?! Kick them out!

And I completely disagree with you, Joyce is neither satanic nor illuminati, what a joke! A house that is divided will fall-she speaks God word. Maybe not the saltless black/white boring disconnected fanatic religious God u believe in but the king of kings and The Lord of Lords.

Sorry but just sick and tired of christians who only want to diss and judge others meanwhile don't give a "blinkety blink" about what goes on in their streets and locked up in church Sunday after sunday and making no difference.

Tick tock ppl, we don't have much time and the harvest is truly plenty!

shelly said...

It is now 2014, and she has created the Joyce Meyer study Bible. I almost bought one until I learned about all of the different translations missing important verses.

And yes, she still uses the all-seeing-eye phrase. Creepy, indeed.

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